Explore NAHC’s ScoutLook Hunting Weather Center


On the homepage of HuntingClub.com you'll find the NAHC's new hunting-focused weather center, powered by ScoutLook Weather. Watch the video and read the article below to learn how to get the most out of the new tool, and get the story behind the evolution of ScoutLook Weather

Without a doubt, weather influences how anyone plans for outdoor activities. Hunters especially appreciate and understand the significance of weather and how varying conditions can affect the activities and movements of game animals. "Unfavorable" weather won't prevent most hunters from getting into the field (unless such conditions are life threatening) but a detailed, reliable weather forecast can provide a strategic advantage for hunters who are serious about maximizing success.

The North American Hunting Club (NAHC) has partnered with ScoutLook Weather to provide a seamless connection to ScoutLook's new comprehensive hunting weather center, directly from the homepage of HuntingClub.com. It's a feature-rich tool built for hunters, by hunters.

"When the NAHC expressed their desire to have ScoutLook build a specialized weather center for HuntingClub.com, we were honored," said Cy Weichert, co-founder of ScoutLook Weather and an NAHC member. "Our mission at ScoutLook is to help hunters plan better for their outings by integrating all of the weather and field-based information they use for planning into a single resource with accuracy to the exact treestand, duck blind, elk wallow or other place they plan to hunt."

NAHC Executive Director Bill Miller also shared his thoughts about the NAHC's new partnership with ScoutLook: "We [NAHC] continually strive to deliver cutting-edge hunting resources to our members, especially online. Weather is important to hunters, so we're extremely pleased to work with ScoutLook to provide hunting-specific weather information directly through HuntingClub.com."

How To Use ItGo to the homepage of HuntingClub.com, find the ScoutLook tool, type in your zip code or city/state and click "GO." A new window will open in your Web browser, instantly providing you with access to ScoutLook's hunting weather center.

Dive in and you'll see current and 72-hour forecasts are available with all the key weather factors that influence game activity and hunting. You can also view interactive weather maps with multiple layering options to monitor specific weather conditions. All the data is right at your fingertips, provided in a user-friendly format that's easy to read. When you're finished and wish to return to HuntingClub.com, simply exit out of the browser window.

ScoutLook BackgroundLooking at ScoutLook, it's not hard to believe it was founded by two NAHC members and hard-core hunters, Cy Weichert and Bill Little. In a recent conversation with NAHC Web/Social Media Editor Josh Dahlke, Weichert and Little shared the story revealing ScoutLook's beginnings:

"ScoutLook began in the pre-dawn hours at our camp table when we were trying to select the right stand for the wind and weather of the day. We had a weather radio going. We had a laptop on a weather website with annoying pop-up ads. We had an aerial map laid out with our treestands marked, trying to figure out how the wind actually would blow at each. We had a log book open. We had a solunar calendar hung on the wall next to a chart of the moon phases and a barometer.

It all seemed very cumbersome and confusing, so right then we agreed that whatever it took, we'd create the first-ever world-class weather service built specifically for outdoorsmen, and we'd integrate weather with all those other things we need to know to hunt better."

ScoutLook's proprietary, customized program breaks the country into a 3.1 square mile grid, geocoded to your exact mapped locations. It allows for a level of detail beyond what many other weather services can offer. Weather can be very different from one hilltop to the next valley (especially in large rural zip codes), and ScoutLook's weather center accurately captures those changes.

Two of the most unique, feature-rich components of the hunting-focused weather center powered by ScoutLook Weather include their trademark ScentCone and SetZone Wind Maps. ScentCone is a tool for big game hunters, which allows hunters to pinpoint locations on a map and view a 72-hour wind activity forecast for calculated stand placement. SetZone, a similar concept to ScentCone, allows waterfowlers to mark potential decoy setups on a map and view a 72-hour wind activity forecast for proper decoy placement.

"We built ScentCone so that you could see the exact orientation of your stand for the exact forecasted changes in the wind for 72 hours, and beat those impossible noses," said Weichert. "We built SetZone so we could make more effective decoy sets."

The NAHC's new hunting-focused weather center, powered by ScoutLook Weather, will undoubtedly become a valuable resource for NAHC members throughout future hunting seasons. Be sure to use the tool before you hit the field.